Ultra-Span® -is a pre-fabricated light gauge steel roof truss system that is both lightweight and compact for economical transportation costs.

Is your roof too large to be done with pre-fabricated timber roof trusses? Do you want to supply low cost roofs or simply prefer non-combustible roof structures?

Whatever your needs, MiTek’s Ultra-Span has got you covered. Ultra-Span is a light gauge steel roof truss system that is both lightweight and compact for easy handling and economical transportation.

Engineered designs are calculated using MiTek’s state of the art, in-house developed 20/20 software and provides economical roofing solutions. The low mass per m2 of this roofing system ensures both savings on the supporting structure as well as on transportation and erection costs whilst also being vermin proof and non-combustible.

We are a Mitek Licensed Manufacturer  and can supply and install all Ultra -Span roof trusses.

We offer a full service for structural steel projects: We  take your venture from inception to completion. The hand-over includes an engineering certificate that gives you peace of mind that your project was handled by experts.


  • Elegant simple system, with all members straight and true for a level roof.
  • Span capability from small low-cost to large 40m clear span commercial structures.
  • Ultra-Span trusses can be supplied in “kit-form” (low-cost housing or other remote projects).
  • Longevity of product due to galvanized coating plus inherent properties of non-combustibility, resistance to borer and fungus attack.
  • Lower weight reduces transportation costs & improves handling and erection.
  • Ease of truss manufacture with screws and electric fixing tool directly on site or in factory conditions.

Our preferred ventures include mini factories, warehouses and public buildings like malls and gyms, which require large-span applications of mild steel and light gauge steel structures. We also supply all metal sheeting coverings.

Often unseen except during the construction phase, roof trusses have traditionally been constructed from wood because of the perceived cost saving. It is often believed that light gauge steel structures cannot compete with timber nail plated roof trusses, especially in the affordable housing market segment. MiTek’s Ultra-Span light gauge steel roof truss system also proves the contrary, especially when it comes to commercial and light industrial span requirements between 20 and 40 meters.

Light gauge steel

Hoisting large sections or an entire pre-assembled roof into position onto a building’s walls has been made easier and more economical with Ultra-Span’s light gauge steel truss system. Lightweight and compact for easy handling and transportation, this low-mass-per-square-metre roofing system ensures savings on erection and transport costs whilst being vermin proof and non-combustible.

Advanced design

MiTek’s state-of-the-art 20/20 software provides engineered designs for economical roofing solutions. Ultra-Span can be delivered in kit form, with the components cut to the required lengths for on-site assembly, or they can be ordered and supplied in pre-assembled form. This method ensures that all sundry materials are correctly supplied, ensuring there is no wastage of steel.

Range of advantages

Light gauge steel offers a wide range of benefits when compared to conventional framing materials:

• Cost effectiveness due to greater strength.
• Resistance to warping in adverse weather.
• Quality and durability of steel.
• Speed of construction.
• Reduced wastage.


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